Word came out this morning that Cyle Larin, Orlando City and Canada’s star striker was arrested for DUI in Florida. It appears from initial reports that he was more than double the legal limit and that could spell disaster for his career.

My question is why? Why is it that so many star athletes have these issues? We hear about them constantly. I wonder what happens that drives these players to do these things.

Granted, I’ve never been in their situation. I don’t know what kind of pressure is exerted on them. I don’t know what their background is and what influences they have had growing up. Still, there are lessons to be learned from the mistakes that these athletes make.Blinston children

As a father of five children, I see these stories and I think to myself “What am I doing so that my children will make good choices?” Am I teaching them self-confidence? Am I helping them to understand right vs wrong? Do I set the example for them so they have a role model they can look up to?

For as bad as this story is, there are lessons that we can take from it and implement in our lives. Lessons that can benefit our children and those around us. Lessons, that maybe can prevent someone else from making the mistakes Cyle Larin appears to have made.


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