MLS: Portland vs San Jose

I was able to watch this match on Friday night. The turning point did come when Ceren got his second yellow card and thus expelled from further action. I don’t have a problem with the second yellow card. In fact, I’d like to see “the stomp” banished from the game (a different post for a different time). However, I do think San Jose was done in hard because of what happened shortly before the second yellow was shown.

Less than a minute before there was, in my opinion, a foul on Portland and it involves “shielding”. The play in question had a Portland player in possession and a second Portland player at least 15 yards away “shielding” a San Jose player. Now, there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with this play, except that when the San Jose player got around the Portland player, the Portland player grabbed the San Jose player and obstructed him from going forward. In my opinion this was obstruction and a free kick should have been awarded to San Jose. This would have changed the events that led to Ceren’s second yellow card and could have changed the game.

I say that, but it might not have been. Portland was in control of the game at that point and there wasn’t much to suggest that San Jose was going to change that. But you never know and we could play the “what if?” game all day. Given the fact that San Jose was able to generate scoring chances with 10 men, I believe the game would have been closer had the red card not occurred.

Thoughts on this?


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