Played soccer with my boys and had to climb a tree to get the ball down

Welcome to the Left Halfback. This is my blog about anything I find interesting in the world of soccer. Why the Left Halfback you say? Well when I first began playing soccer at the age of seven, the term midfielder wasn’t used. It was halfback. I am naturally left footed in soccer so I ended up playing left halfback growing up. I thought the name would be a good way to recognize my soccer roots.

I love the game of soccer. I find it fascinating in so many ways. From analyzing game flow, to playing it myself, it is truly, as the Brazilians say, the beautiful game. Every part of it brings me joy and this blog is going to be a small way for me to express that joy.

I plan to cover soccer in my own way. I do spend a lot of time watching Major League Soccer in the United States. Granted as the father of five, I don’t get to watch every minute of every game, but I do at least watch one match in its entirety per week and the rest of them in a condensed version. I also follow the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the major world tournaments.

I hope to be able to convey my insights about the matches of the week in an entertaining format. I will also give my opinion on things that happen during the matches that I felt were right or wrong. Of course these are my opinions and people can disagree.

I also plan to write about my own current involvement in soccer. I play in a co-ed league and I have two children who are playing club soccer. There are lots of stories that I glean from this involvement and I hope to share them with you.

The picture above? Well that’s me getting a ball out of a tree. When you play with your children weird things can happen and you have to be prepared for anything. Luckily, I was only about eight feet up to get the ball.

So what do you think? What kinds of stories about the world of soccer are you interested in? Leave a comment below and I will take into consideration your ideas.


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